January 2017, Day 10, Kisenosato v Terunofuji

Kisenosato beats fellow Ozeki Terunofuji despite a weak tachiai, holding on for dear life to one layer of Terunofuji’s belt with his right hand. Terunofuji is fighting against Kisenosato’s left arm, trying to prevent a belt grip on that side and circling around the ring while he tries to figure out how to mount some offense. But Kisenosato finally gets the left-handed underarm grip he’s looking for and it gives him even more control over Terunofuji’s body. Kisenosato loses the right-handed grip momentarily, but he’s able to reset it and get a much stronger hold.  From there it’s relatively easy to force Terunofuji over the straw and out of the ring. Kisenosato holds onto sole lead of the tournament with a 9-1 record.


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