January 2017, Day 12, Kisenosato v Ikioi

One day at a time. If Kisenosato can win the remaining three days of the tournament, he’ll capture his first ever top-division championship. Ikioi puts up a good fight on Day 12, making Kisenosato work for his eleventh win, but the big Ozeki is too strong. After smashing heads at the tachiai, Ikioi drives Kisenosato all the way back to the straw. Kisenosato fights back to the center of the ring, and latches on with a strong left-handed underarm grip. Ikioi tries to get the equalizing right-handed grip, but it slips off. The strain shows on Ikioi’s face as he struggles to resist the inevitable. Kisenosato loses his hold on Ikioi’s belt for a moment, but he regains it and Ikioi runs out of gas. Three days to go.


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