January 2017, Day 13, Hakuho v Kotoshogiku

Ozeki Kotoshogiku survives the tachiai against Yokozuna Hakuho, working his left arm inside and preventing the right-handed overarm grip. He keeps his left hip pulled back, and clamps down on Hakuho’s left arm, which has a solid underarm grip on Kotoshogiku’s right side. But Hakuho only needs the one grip. With blinding speed and shocking strength, Hakuho moves his right arm around to the side of Kotoshogiku’s head, simultaneously pushing it to the side while yanking with his left arm, but all the power comes from his core. If you watch Hakuho’s belt you can see the stability in his legs and midsection while Kotoshogiku’s mass flies helplessly around. The winning technique is shitatedashinage, or pulling underarm throw. Hakuho at 11-2 now has sole claim to second place, one loss behind tournament leader Kisenosato.


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