January 2017, Day 13, Shohozan v Yoshikaze

These two aggressive wrestlers usually put on a good show, and their head-to-head matches are always a treat. Today doesn’t disappoint, with both men trying to blast the other out of the dohyo with tsuppari to the head. Shohozan, who’s been pushed backwards a couple of steps, slips inside and gets both arms underneath Yoshikaze’s. This is a terrible position for Yoshikaze, and he reacts with a kubinage (headlock throw) attempt that only serves to turn his body sideways and give Shohozan even more control. Shohozan quickly charges forward and pushes out Yoshikaze. Shohozan already has a losing record of 5-8, but Yoshikaze at 6-7 can still pull off a kachikoshi (winning record) by winning the last two days.


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