January 2017, Day 13, Takayasu v Takanoiwa

Takayasu brings the pain against Takanoiwa on Day 13, obliterating him with a powerful tachiai and following up with a big right-handed slap to the face. But Takanoiwa holds his ground during the ensuing tsuppari battle, and gets a solid hold on Takayasu’s belt with both hands. Takayasu only has the left-handed overarm grip, and combined with his higher posture he now finds himself at a severe disadvantage. He shifts his hips and works with his right arm to try and break Takanoiwa’s belt grip on that side, but Takanoiwa lowers his hips and walks Takayasu to the edge. With a sudden swing, Takayasu rotates to his left and shoves hard with his right hand into Takanoiwa’s ribs, sending Takanoiwa rolling off the dohyo. Both men finish the day at 10-3, each with a slim chance at surviving to a possible playoff on the last day. Takanoiwa will have to beat Yokozuna Hakuho tomorrow to have a shot.


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