January 2017, Day 14, Hokutofuji v Mitakeumi

Mitakeumi looks outstanding, picking up his tenth win from the M1 rank and certain to return to the sanyaku ranks (komusubi, sekiwake) next tournament. Hokutofuji is no pushover, with eight wins from his highest ever rank of M8, but Mitakeumi is on point today. Mitakeumi wins the tachiai and controls Hokutofuji with a series of sharp shoves to the head, mixing in a couple of pulling attempts to keep Hokutofuji off-balance. Hokutofuji mounts a brief resistance, pushing Mitakeumi back to the center of the ring, but Mitakeumi’s footwork is too good, and he keeps his hips low to regain control and push Hokutofuji out of the ring with authority.


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