January 2017, Day 14, Ura v Sadanoumi

Occasionally the schedulers need to fill out the bottom few bouts of the top division by bringing up a wrestler from the lower Juryo division to compete. Today it’s Ura’s turn. He’s in the race for the Juryo championship, wrestling from the J3 rank, and with double-digit wins already he’s sure to be promoted to Makuuchi next tournament. He seems unfazed by his appearance on the highest stage of professional sumo, and doesn’t alter his style one bit. He stays low at the tachiai, working for a hold on Sadanoumi’s body, and once he gets his right arm underneath Sadanoumi’s left armpit he springs into action. His movement his hard to predict, and deceptively quick, and he uses his right arm along with a left hand on the back of Sadanoumi’s head to sling Sadanoumi off the dohyo. Sukuinage, or beltless arm throw for the win. Ura’s record improves to 11-3, and he’s tied with Daieisho for the lead in the Juryo championship race with one day left.


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