January 2017, Day 15, Chiyonokuni v Mitakeumi

Chiyonokuni, you gotta sacrifice the body! After a good back-and-forth bout both men end up at the edge of the ring, Chiyonokuni with a right-handed overarm belt grip and Mitakeumi with his left arm underneath. They both throw at the same time, and Chiyonokuni does a great job getting his right leg underneath Mitakeumi’s left, lifting up for added leverage. But Mitakeumi is flexible, and stretches that leg out while pushing hard with his left arm. They both topple over at about the same time, but Chiyonokuni loses when he puts his hand out to break his fall. Chiyonokuni, you see how Mitakeumi tucked his free arm up so it wouldn’t touch the ground? Do that next time. With an outstanding 11-4 record, M1 Mitakeumi is headed back up to the sanyaku ranks in March. Chiyonokuni finishes with a solid 9-6 record.


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