January 2017, Day 15, Chiyotairyu v Kotoyuki

Kotoyuki has a fantastic first half of this bout, but can’t keep up the momentum. He knocks Chiyotairyu back off the tachiai and drives him to the edge of the ring. But Chiyotairyu somehow gets a hold on Kotoyuki’s belt with his right hand and uses it to sidestep a big left-handed slap to the face from Kotoyuki. All of a sudden Kotoyuki is in trouble, and he tries a spin move to break the grip and get back facing the right direction. But he only makes it halfway around, and Chiyotairyu reacts well, grabbing onto Kotoyuki’s belt with his left hand to stop the rotation. Chiyotairyu charges forward, and with Kotoyuki unable to get out of the way he’s soon over the straw on the other side of the ring. Both men finish the tournament 6-9, with Chiyotairyu in danger of a demotion to Juryo.


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