March 2017, Day 1, Hakuho v Shodai

Hakuho’s enduring his longest stretch as a Yokozuna without winning a tournament championship. Granted, that’s only four tournaments, but for him it’s an eternity. He’s said that he wants to step up his game and re-establish himself at the head of the new quartet of Yokozunas, but he puts himself in a hole on Day 1 with a surprising loss against Shodai. Shodai does well to survive the punishing tachiai of the Yokozuna, and he hangs with Hakuho as he circles around to the side. Hakuho attempts to pull down on Shodai’s head, but it’s Shodai who counters with a surprisingly strong left arm to the back of Hakuho’s head, pushing the Yokozuna off-balance and down to the clay.


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