March 2017, Day 2, Kotoyuki v Okinoumi

Great matchup between two strong dudes. Kotoyuki finds his stride and fights off Okinoumi’s arms before charging towards the edge of the ring, where Okinoumi sets his right foot on the tawara and pushes down on Kotoyuki’s head. Both men fall to the ground, Okinoumi stepping out just as Kotoyuki, at full stretch, hits the dirt. The judges want to discuss it, so they have a rather protracted conference at the center of the ring. The head judge explains that the top of Kotoyuki’s foot touched down at the same moment that Okinoumi stepped out, so he calls for a rematch. The wrestlers reset, and the second time around it looks like Kotoyuki is in his element again, with a good thrusting attack that moves Okinoumi backwards. But Okinoumi slips around to his left, getting behind Kotoyuki and sending him off the ring by okuridashi (rear push out). Kotoyuki lands off balance and takes a flying leap into the lap of ring judge and former superstar Takamisakari. Kotoyuki is slow to extract himself from Takamisakari and the fans, so Okinoumi comes over to make sure he’s ok. Kotoyuki is fine, but Takamisakari takes a little longer to get rearranged.


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