March 2017, Day 3, Daieisho v Ishiura

I think Ura could learn something by watching Ishiura. Both guys are small and fast, and have to utilize movement and quickness to win. But Ura tends to stay way too low at the tachiai, almost like he’s reaching for the knees of the opponent, and you’ll see in his Day 3 loss how that posture can backfire against a seasoned upper-division wrestler. But Ishiura has found a nice balance, staying flexible in his attack and forcing his opponent to guess at his next move. This leaves openings in the defense that he exploits nicely. Today against Daieisho he gets stopped at the tachiai but resets and attacks the chest. When Daieisho tries to pull him down, Ishiura shows good balance by not falling over. He catches himself so quickly that Daieisho is caught off-guard reaching over his back for the belt. Ishiura dives into Daieisho’s wide-open midsection, taking advantage of the split-second opening. Good footwork and a mini-‘Giku frog hop finish the job.


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