March 2017, Day 3, Harumafuji v Sokokurai

Yokozuna Harumafuji finishes Day 3 with a surprising 1-2 record, losing to a wrestler who’s almost as crafty as he is. Sokokurai weathers the early storm, and then keeps his feet under him when the Yokozuna pulls on the back of his head. When the Yokozuna attacks for the second time, Sokokurai retreats and with perfect timing slaps down on the arms of Harumafuji, causing the Yokozuna to lose his balance and fully stretch out in a desperate attempt to push Sokokurai over the edge. But Sokokurai finds the tawara with his feet, and dances three quick steps on top of the straw bales to stay in the ring until the Yokozuna comes crashing down.


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