March 2017, Day 3, Kotoshogiku v Takayasu

Ex-Ozeki Kotoshogiku falls to his first loss in Osaka, running into a strong Takayasu who has Ozeki dreams of his own. At the initial charge, Takayasu does a good job handling the thrashing Kotoshogiku, and looks to be in control of the match until ‘Giku uses a nice left arm to swing Takayasu around. ‘Giku gets his left arm high under Takayasu’s right, elevating his posture and setting up what looks like a classic finish. But Takayasu plants his right foot against the tawara and works his left arm underneath for a belt grip, so when ‘Giku mounts his second charge, Takayasu is in good position to shift his hips and execute the underarm throw from the left side. Takayasu improves to 3-0.


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