March 2017, Day 4, Tochinoshin, v Chiyoshoma

Chiyoshoma puts on a clinic against Tochinoshin on Day 4. He’s constantly in motion, constantly mixing up his attacks, constantly adjusting to the defense of his opponent. Tochinoshin looks completely flummoxed at the perpetually shifting grabs and pulls and pushes, the instant he reacts to Chiyoshoma’s technique Chiyoshoma has moved on to the next one. Here’s a quick list: tsuppari (slaps), left-side underarm, right-side overarm throw, left-side arm clamp, left-side underarm, left-side leg pick, and then finally charging forward for the win. And the entire time Chiyoshoma is mixing up his offense, he’s playing really smart defense by keeping his hips far away from Tochinoshin to prevent Tochinoshin from getting a right-handed belt grip, which would put Chiyoshoma at an instant disadvantage. Brilliant stuff.


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