March 2017, Day 6, Chiyoo v Nishikigi

Two wrestlers at the bottom of the top division meet up in an entertaining bout, with plenty of reversals right up until the very end. Chiyoo, in the darker mawashi, starts out with only a single layer of Nishikigi’s belt with the right hand, but once he solidifies his grip he’s able to get some momentum going with an overarm throw attempt that opens up Nishikigi’s defense and gives Chiyoo the left-side grip as well. Nishikigi, both hands inside and with only a left-handed belt grip,  muscles Chiyoo right up to the edge, where Chiyoo uses the straw bales for leverage to reverse the position yet again. Nishikigi has one last shot at a reversal, but Chiyoo sticks his right foot to the dohyo and Nishikigi steps out first.


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