March 2017, Day 8, Shodai v Kakuryu

Shodai hits Yokozuna Kakuryu hard at the tachiai, slamming his right arm into Kakuryu’s chest ala Hakuho, and this apparently ignites something in the usually stoic Yokozuna. Kakuryu proceeds to try to separate Shodai’s head from his shoulders with a sharp series of nodowa (throat push) and face slaps. Shodai is completely occupied trying to deflect Kakuryu’s arms, and it’s Kakuryu who first goes inside for a belt grip. From there it’s academic as Shodai is out of position and at the mercy of the Yokozuna, who is more than adequately skilled. Kakuryu stays tied with six other wrestlers who are two wins behind the leaders at 6-2. Shodai drops to 3-5.


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