March 2017, Day 8, Shohozan v Kisenosato

Yokozuna Kisenosato starts off with a decent tachiai, fighting against Shohozan’s flurry of strong tsuppari thrusts.  He pushes Shohozan all the way back to the edge of the ring, but things fall apart when Shohozan is able to get both hands underneath Kisenosato’s arms and around his midsection. Kisenosato is way out of position and Shohozan drives him the length of the dohyo in the opposite direction. The Yokozuna is desperate to get Shohozan off his line, and uses an arm lock throw attempt from the left side to relieve some of the pressure. With Shohozan now pulling to his right to defend against the throw, Kisenosato uses the momentum shift to do two things simultaneously – he smashes Shohozan’s face with his right hand and cranks hard with the left-hand arm lock to twist Shohozan to the ground. It’s the first time on the blog we’ve seen this technique: kotehineri, or arm lock twist down. Nice save by the Yokozuna to escape a spot of real trouble.  Kisenosato stays perfect at 8-0, tied at the top of the leaderboard with Sekiwake Takayasu. Shohozan’s tournament is almost totally wrecked with a record of 1-7 after eight days.


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