March 2017, Day 8, Ura v Kotoyuki

Ura and Kotoyuki can’t get their timing aligned, much to the chagrin and consternation of the referee and the ring judges. First Kotoyuki doesn’t get his hands sufficiently down to the ground and is chided to do so by the ref. Ura apologizes because he’s the junior wrestler and therefore everything is partly his fault. Then Kotoyuki jumps the gun and shows his penitence with a serious, full-on proper bow to the head judge while Ura throws apologies all around. Once the bout gets started, it goes according to Ura’s plan, and he’s able to absorb and then sidestep Kotoyuki’s fierce thrusting/pushing attack. Kotoyuki can’t stop his momentum the second time he goes sailing past Ura, and Ura gets the okiridashi (rear push out) win. Ura’s even at 4-4 after eight days, and Kotoyuki falls to 2-6.


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