March 2017, Day 9, Kotoshogiku v Kisenosato

Just think, last tournament both of these wrestlers were ranked Ozeki. Now, only a few short weeks later, Kotoshogiku has been demoted to Sekiwake while Kisenosato has been elevated to the sport’s highest rank of Yokozuna. And yet Kotoshogiku holds a 33-31 edge in the pair’s astounding 64 head-to-head bouts dating back to 2004, when they first met in the Juryo division. The Yokozuna escapes by the narrowest of margins today, getting driven back at the tachiai by Kotoshogiku and sending the Sekiwake to the clay with heels against the tawara. Kisenosato stays perfect at 9-0, tied for the tournament lead with Sekiwake Takayasu, one win ahead of 8-1 Ozeki Terunofuji and M10 Tochiozan. Kotoshogiku falls to 6-3.


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