March 2017, Day 9, Yoshikaze v Ichinojo

Great matchup between two determined wrestlers, with Yoshikaze gutting out a tough victory against the much larger Ichinojo. Ichinojo lets Yoshikaze inside at the tachiai, hoping to lock up the shorter wrestler’s arms with a double-over arm bar position. But Yoshikaze yanks left and right, not letting Ichinojo clamp down. After some serious work from both men at the center of the ring, with each wrestler trying and failing to secure a belt grip, Ichinojo cranks hard on Yoshikaze’s left arm with an armlock throw, to no avail. Doubling down on the armlock, Ichinojo has both arms around Yoshikaze’s left arm, which puts his own left elbow right at Yoshikaze’s chin. He’s applying immense pressure with that elbow against Yoshikaze’s face, but Yoshikaze has secured the left-underarm and right-overarm belt grips and will not let go. It’s a contest of strength, with Yoshikaze pushing Ichinojo towards the edge and Ichinojo working on Yoshikaze’s arm and head. One last mighty effort by Yoshikaze gets Ichinojo leaning too far forward in defense, and he uses the left-handed grip to topple Ichinojo with a shitatehineri (underarm twist down). Exhausting.


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