March 2017, Day 10, Yoshikaze v Kakuryu

Yoshikaze hits Yokozuna Kakuryu hard at the tachiai and follows up with a spurt of tsuppari slaps to lift Kakuryu’s posture. Kakuryu tries to knock Yoshikaze’s arms to the side, but he whiffs, giving Yoshikaze an opening to dive inside. Yoshikaze gets his left arm deep around Kakuryu, securing an underarm belt grip and defending against Kakuryu’s kotenage (armlock throw) attempt. When Yoshikaze threatens to get his right arm inside as well, Kakuryu panics and tries to pull Yoshikaze down by the head, backpedaling the entire length of the dohyo with Yoshikaze hanging on like a remora. Good footwork and balance keep Yoshikaze upright, and he sends Kakuryu over the tawara for his sixth win of the tournament, and his first victory over a Yokozuna since July of last year. Kakuryu is still within striking distance of the tournament leaders with a 7-3 record.


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