March 2017, Day 11, Arawashi v Terunofuji

Ozeki Terunofuji stays one loss behind the tournament leader with an outstanding performance on Day 11 against Arawashi. Arawashi causes all kinds of trouble at the beginning of the bout, putting Terunofuji on the defensive with a series of hip shifts and belt grabs. Terunofuji finds his heels on the straw bales at the edge of the ring and somehow manages to stay in despite Arawashi slinging the much larger wrestler around by the belt. Terunofuji only has one thin layer of Arawashi’s belt in his left hand, so he rectifies the situation by resetting with a good, solid overarm grip with the left arm. During a brief pause at the center of the ring, he also sneaks his right arm under for a deep underarm grip on that side. The position is even, and now it’s a showdown of strength. Gathering his energy, Terunofuji pulls Arawashi in close and lifts him completely off the ground, taking a few steps towards the edge. Arawashi flails and manages to get his feet down again, but Terunofuji transitions into a mighty left-handed uwatenage (overarm throw) that sends Arawashi rolling out of the ring. Terunofuji is tied with Tochiozan and Takayasu at 10-1, while Arawashi falls to his eighth loss.


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