March 2017, Day 11, Ishiura v Kotoyuki

Ishiura’s tentative tachiai gives Kotoyuki the advantage in the early moments of the bout. Kotoyuki pushes Ishiura back with both hands on his shoulders, and a forearm to the chin lifts him up and backwards. But Ishiura adapts well and circles around to his right, first reaching for the belt with his left hand (rejected by Kotoyuki’s palm to the face) and then slapping down at Kotoyuki’s arms and back (this totally works). Ishiura’s right heel hovers off the edge of the tawara but doesn’t touch the outside of the ring before Kotoyuki eats clay. Hatakikomi (slap down) victory for Ishiura’s sixth win. Kotoyuki falls to a dismal 2-9.


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