March 2017, Day 14, Ichinojo v Sadanoumi

Ichinojo looks to be headed back to the lower half of the top division, earning his makekoshi (losing record) on Day 14 against Sadanoumi. He muscles Sadanoumi around at the tachiai, swinging the smaller wrestler right to the edge, but Sadanoumi gets his foot planted in the toku-dawara and fights back to the middle. They’re locked up with fairly equivalent migi-yotsu grips, but Ichinojo uses his bulk well to once again push Sadanoumi to the edge. But Sadanoumi has one last trick up his sleeve, dancing away along the tawara to the left and using his left-hand overarm grip to send Ichinojo lumbering off the dohyo with an uwatedashinage (pulling overarm throw). Sadanoumi, with only four wins from the M12 slot, might be demoted as far down as Juryo next tournament.


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