March 2017, Day 15, Endo v Tochinoshin

It’s always high-pressure when two 7-7 wrestlers meet on the last day. Endo and Tochinoshin are staring each other down, but the referee is loudly admonishing them to put their hands down and get started. The men oblige, and Tochinoshin greets Endo with a massive forearm to the face. Somehow Endo’s head remains attached to his body and he gets a good inside belt grip, his right arm all the way around Tochinoshin’s waist. Tochinoshin can’t follow up on the strong start, and has no purchase on Endo’s body. Endo quickly walks Tochinoshin over the tawara, and makes sure his opponent doesn’t fall too hard – an acknowledgement of Tochinoshin’s injured leg. Endo offers to help Tochinoshin back up the steps, but Tochinoshin’s pride won’t allow him to accept. The aftermath of Tochinoshin’s forearm is evident in Endo’s bloody nose.


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