March 2017, Day 15, Kotoshogiku v Yoshikaze

After yesterday’s disappointing loss to Ozeki Terunofuji, Kotoshogiku’s future remains in doubt. Wanting desperately to return to the Ozeki rank himself, but now having to start the long road from scratch (usually thirty-three wins over three tournaments, no small feat) after failing to reach ten wins this tournament for automatic re-promotion, he might even retire before suffering the shame of falling back down the rankings. But he’s got some time to think about it, and at least earned a solid winning record of 9-6 this tournament so he’ll stay at the Sekiwake rank for now. His motivation to perform well doesn’t seem to have abated since yesterday, and he completely out-classes Yoshikaze with his patented frog-hop gaburi-yori technique. Yoshikaze also finishes with a winning record of 8-7.


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