March 2017, Day 15, Tamawashi v Takayasu

Takayasu continues to impress, finishing the March tournament in Osaka with a fantastic 12-3 record. A good tachiai gives him the lower inside position against Tamawashi, but Tamawashi tries and arm lock throw from the right side. Going down fast, Takayasu pushes with his whole body to try and get Tamawashi over the tawara before he hits the ground. They crash off the dohyo and Takayasu’s legs collide with the head judge seated ringside. The other judges want to talk things over, and they gather in the middle of the ring and wait for the head judge to make his way up. While they wait, they start the conference without any strong opinions, “Well, from my side . . .” and “If you look at it this way . . .” but once the head judge joins them they listen to what he says. Not because of his seniority, but because the action happened right in front of his seat. He’s unequivocal about what he saw, and the others concede to his perspective. Tamawashi’s heel indeed touched down outside the ring before Takayasu crashed out. This is the last bout on the last day before the appearance of the Yokozunas, so Takayasu wins the special arrow prize.


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