May 2017, Day 2, Ura v Kagayaki

Ura displays his patented brand of footwork and adaptability against long-legged Kagayaki, fighting the perfect fight against someone with a much higher center of gravity. Going low at the tachiai and fighting off Kagayaki’s arms, Ura waits for an opening to charge forward. Kagayaki almost tosses Ura with a left-side arm bar throw, but Ura finds the toku-dawara with his left foot just in time to stop his sideways momentum. Reversing direction, Ura wraps up Kagayaki’s left shoulder in what looks to be a katasukashi (under-shoulder swing down) attempt, but instead of pulling down he pushes up, slipping underneath Kagayaki’s arm and ending up in perfect position to shove out the taller wrestler from the side.


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