May 2017, Day 3, Kisenosato v Chiyonokuni

Yokozuna Kisenosato survives a tough battle with Chiyonokuni, again working around the lack of strength in his left side and adjusting his offense to compensate. Chiyonokuni has him on the ropes at one point, with only Kisenosato’s right foot planted against the tawara keeping him in. You can tell he’d like to use his left arm to crank on Chiyonokuni’s right side, but instead he has to square up his shoulders to bring his right arm into play. Here Chiyonokuni gives the Yokozuna a gift, trying to pull down on Kisenosato, but Kisenosato moves his feet well and charges to the other side of the ring where he stays upright just long enough to send Chiyonokuni out.


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