May 2017, Day 4, Onosho v Yutakayama

The first time Onosho and Yutakayama met, in the playoffs for the Makushita division tournament, Yutakayama won the bout and the championship. He won their next three meetings in the Juryo division as well, so Onosho really wants to get one back in their first head-to-head bout in the top Makuuchi division. The match is fantastic, with Yutakayama switching between left and right arm bar throws and Onosho doing well to stay upright. When Yutakayama clamps his hands together around Onosho’s right arm and tries to twist him down, Onosho pushes hard with his right shoulder and gets a hand on the back of Yutakayama’s right leg, dropping the larger wrestler hard onto his back. Onosho improves to 3-1 for the tournament with the watashikomi (thigh-grabbing push down) victory.


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