May 2017, Day 4, Tochinoshin v Ura

Ura is entertaining even in defeat. Spectacular bout today against Tochinoshin, who plays the part of the lumbering giant trying to grab onto his elusive and much smaller opponent. Ura doesn’t even move forward at the tachiai, he just stands up and then looks for an opening, trying to stay out of Tochinoshin’s grasp. Showing his famous agility and speed, Ura ducks under Tochinoshin’s slap to try for a leg, but Tochinoshin finally clamps down on Ura’s left arm and uses his right leg for extra leverage on the throw. Ura goes flying through the air, and the referee calls it for Tochinoshin. A conference of the ring judges decides that even though Tochinoshin’s hand touched first, Ura’s body was flipped over and the position was impossible to recover. (This is a rarely-applied ruling called “shinitai” or “dead body.”) Winning technique is kotenage, or armlock throw.


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