May 2017, Day 5, Kisenosato v Chiyoshoma

Kisenosato is displaying the true guts of a Yokozuna, digging deep to find yet another way to win despite the weakness on his left side. Chiyoshoma attacks the Yokozuna’s belt on the left, and Kisenosato struggles to fend off the attack. After two leg trip attempts by Chiyoshoma, Kisenosato finally manages to pull his left hip back and break the grip, getting his chest squared up with his opponent and putting his stronger right arm into play. Chiyoshoma switches to the left-hand underarm grip and pulls from that side, but the Yokozuna has a right-handed grip on Chiyoshoma’s belt and the throw goes nowhere. Chiyoshoma keeps yanking with his left, but Kisenosato’s grip on a single layer of Chiyoshoma’s belt is enough to defend. The Yokozuna, now taking over, marches forward and buckles Chiyoshoma at the edge of the ring, flattening him with a yoritaoshi (front crush out). Mighty show of fortitude. Kisenosato earns his third win, tied with a multitude of other wrestlers two losses behind 5-0 tournament leaders Hakuho, Harumafuji, and Takayasu. With Yokozuna Kakuryu dropping out due to a right ankle injury, the path to the championship is still muddy.


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