May 2017, Day 7, Daieisho v Hakuho

Really, was it ever going to go any other way? Daieisho loses his seventh bout in a row against Hakuho, who picks up his seventh straight victory. A left-handed slap to the face by the Yokozuna leads to a left-handed overarm belt grip, and Hakuho wastes no time charging forward and depositing Daieisho on the other side of the tawara. Hakuho is tied for the tournament lead with 7-0 Yokozuna Harumafuji, one win ahead of the lone second-place wrestler 6-1 Sekiwake Takayasu. The three of them lead a pack of thirteen wrestlers bunched up at 5-2, including Yokozuna Kisenosato, Ozekis Goeido and Terunofuji, and M10 Ura.


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