May 2017, Day 9, Terunofuji v Goeido

Ozeki battle! Terunofuji, runner-up last tournament, needs to stay close to the leaders and hope for a Yokozuna stumble. Goeido, with a losing record last time out, just needs eight wins to keep from forfeiting his Ozeki rank. And it’s Terunofuji who proves to be the better man today, following Goeido as he circles around the ring, hanging on for dear life to the left-handed underarm grip. Once he gives up on the right-handed overarm grip, he focuses on using his right hand to disrupt Goeido’s left arm, and this proves to be effective. Goeido’s grip is broken, and he can’t recover at the edge of the ring. Terunofuji stays two losses behind the leaders at 7-2, while Goeido hangs in there at 5-4.


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