May 2017, Day 9, Tokushoryu v Yutakayama

Yutakayama drops a tough bout to Tokushoryu for his eighth loss of the tournament. He tries in vain to shove Tokushoryu off the direct line to both the right and left sides, but Tokushoryu keeps his balance. And then just at the end Yutakayama slips out to his left, dropping Tokushoryu at the edge of the ring, but Yutakayama is unable to keep his right foot in and steps out before Tokushoryu hits the ground. The eighth loss guarantees a losing record, which means demotion. Which means from his position at the very bottom of the top division, he’ll most likely be dropped back down to the Juryo division next tournament. Which is especially painful because he spent only one tournament in the big leagues. The frustration is evident on his face after the bout – he’ll have to do his best for the remaining six days to keep from falling too far down the ranks, and reset next time around to shoot for the top division again.


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