May 2017, Day 11, Endo v Yoshikaze

It’s been a disappointing tournament for both Endo and Yoshikaze, both struggling to put together wins against the top of the division. But their head-to-head bout is a good one, as the two appear evenly matched in size and skill. Endo, feeling the pressure of his seven losses, shows uncharacteristic (sorry, but it’s true) drive to survive several scares at the edge of the ring. While defending against the always-busy Yoshikaze, Endo maneuvers to find a belt grip he can use to control Yoshikaze’s hips. Finally getting both an underarm left and an overarm right, Endo marches Yoshikaze out of the ring. If Endo showed this much resilience and passion in every bout, he wouldn’t be sitting at 4-7. Yoshikaze falls to 5-6.


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