May 2017, Day 11, Goeido v Hakuho

Ozeki Goeido hasn’t defeated Yokozuna Hakuho in two years. But with the championship in his sights, Hakuho isn’t even thinking about that streak – Goeido is just another wrestler in his way. Reaching for the underarm right-handed grip, Goeido gives up the overarm left too easily to Hakuho. Hakuho is really good at shifting his hips from this position to prevent the opponent from latching on. Goeido does manage to tie up Hakuho’s right arm, but while he’s occupied with that activity Hakuho catches him leaning too far to the right while grasping for the front of Hakuho’s belt. Twisting downwards with his left arm, Hakuho rolls Goeido to the clay with a nice uwatehineri (twisting overarm throw). The Yokozuna stays perfect at 11-0, now in sole possession of the tournament lead. Goeido finishes at 6-5, still needing two wins in the last four days to avoid demotion from the Ozeki rank.


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