May 2017, Day 11, Yutakayama v Osunaarashi

Osunaarashi has been languishing in the second-tier Juryo division for a while, unable to fully recover from a series of injuries that dropped him from his highest rank of Maegashira 1 in 2015. Already with a makekoshi (losing record) this tournament, he’ll fall farther down the Juryo ranks next time around, where he’ll be joined by Yutakayama, almost certain to drop back down to Juryo due to a makekoshi from his current M16 rank. It’s small consolation for Osunaarashi to earn a victory in today’s bout, but his form still looks suspect. He stands too upright, relying on strength over technique to muscle Yutakayama around and squash him over the edge by yoritaoshi (front crush out). A brief conference of the judges confirms that Yutakayama touched down before Osunaarashi’s foot went out. Watch it again just to see Ishiura seated ringside, with a nifty move of his own to get out of the way of the two crashing giants.


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