September 2017, Day 10, Endo v Tokushoryu

This one’s all about Endo’s right hand. He leans right at the tachiai, working his right arm around for a solid overarm grip on the side of Tokushoryu’s belt. So when Tokushoryu tries to toss him with a left-side sukuinage (beltless arm throw), Endo’s got an anchor to keep from going over. Tokushoryu’s left arm is high underneath Endo’s right, making hard for him to keep hold of that grip, but Endo uses it again in defense before spinning out of the way and dropping Tokushoryu with the uwatedashinage (pulling overarm throw). Tokushoryu earns his makekoshi (losing record) and will probably drop down to the Juryo division next tournament, while Endo improves to 6-4.


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