March 2018, Kakuryu Yusho Compilation

Yokozuna Kakuryu wins the March 2018 Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka, his fourth top-division championship and his first since November 2016. He finished with an excellent 13-2 record, losing only to defending champ Tochinoshin and Ozeki Takayasu. Over the course of the tournament he used four different kimarite (winning techniques): hatakikomi (6), yorikiri (3), oshidashi (3), and tsukiotoshi (1).


March 2018, Day 14, Arawashi v Ryuden

How does Ryuden stay in? He’s locked up in a double-arm lock by Arawashi, and somehow finds the strength to not only hang on at the edge of the ring, but fight back and win. Great show of guts with seven losses to prevent the losing record.

March 2018, Day 9, Arawashi v Takarafuji

Arawashi gets his first win of the tournament, grabbing onto Takarafuji’s arm and sliding around to the outside, pressing Takarafuji into the clay with the arm bar. Winning technique is tottari (arm bar throw), but it’s too late for Arawashi who already has eight losses and a guaranteed demotion for next tournament. Takarafuji is also at 1-8.

March 2018, Day 7, Arawashi v Tochinoshin

Arawashi’s finding no success this tournament, dropping his seventh loss in a row to defending champion Tochinoshin. He basically dives into Tochinoshin’s grasp, giving up the left-handed overarm grip immediately and suffering the consequences. Tochinoshin gets all the layers of Arawashi’s belt and executes the uwatenage (overarm throw) with no hesitation. Tochinoshin improves to 5-2.

March 2018, Day 5, Arawashi v Shohozan

Shohozan just barely hangs in there after a strong arm lock throw by Arawashi, landing with one foot planted in the tokudawara notch in the ring’s edge and using that foothold to launch himself back into the fray. He goes straight for the throat, lifting Arawashi up and back before clamping down with a right-handed overarm grip that gives him the leverage he needs to move Arawashi over the edge. Shohozan improves to an excellent 5-0.

March 2018, Day 4, Kakuryu v Arawashi

Four steps. When Yokozuna Kakuryu bears down and moves forward, he can reach the edge of the ring quickly and efficiently. Arawashi is on the receiving end of the calm, focused effort and has no response.

March 2018, Day 3, Takayasu v Arawashi

Takayasu hits Arawashi so hard at the tachiai it seems to knock all the fire out of Arawashi. He manages one backwards jump and a half-hearted attempt at a pulldown, but with his heels on the edge the end seems inevitable and all he can muster is a few weak swipes at the air. Takayasu cuts off the ring and herds Arawashi off the dohyo.