May 2017, Day 14, Arawashi v Onosho

Onosho’s lighting up the bottom of the division, showing no fear in his first tournament against top-level competition. Today he pushes out Arawashi a split second before getting upended by an armlock throw, but Arawashi plants his foot outside the ring and falls to his eighth loss. Onosho improves to 10-4.

May 2017, Day 11, Takekaze v Arawashi

Arawashi pulls off a nifty trick, utilizing a rare technique called ketaguri (pulling inside ankle sweep). It happens really fast, but at the tachiai Arawashi reaches out to pull down on Takekaze’s head, while simultaneously sweeping forward with his left foot. The left foot connects with Takekaze’s left knee, knocking his leg out from under him. Takekaze now has eight losses, and Arawashi is 4-7.

May 2017, Day 8, Arawashi v Daishomaru

Daishomaru’s record advances to an impressive 6-2 with today’s smooth sukuinage (beltless arm throw) victory over Arawashi. Getting his left arm underneath Arawashi’s right arm and around his back, Daishomaru shifts his hips and flips his opponent head over heels. Arawashi falls to 1-7.

May 2017, Day 7, Ichinojo v Arawashi

Ichinojo gets a right hand on the belt immediately at the tachiai, but Arawashi uses it against him. Slipping sideways and grabbing Ichinojo’s arm with both hands, Arawashi applies pressure to the elbow. Ichinojo’s hand is stuck on Arawashi’s belt, and he goes out to avoid losing his arm. Winning technique is tottari, or arm bar throw.

May 2017, Day 5, Arawashi v Ishiura

Ishiura starts low and stays low, adjusting his left-handed underarm grip deep around to the back of Arawashi’s belt. Arawashi’s in trouble and tries clamping onto Ishiura’s left arm, but Ishiura goes for the leg pick with his right hand and Arawashi gets all discombobulated. Off-balance, Arawashi is easily pushed out and falls to 0-5. Ishiura improves to 3-2.

May 2017, Day 3, Arawashi v Tokushoryu

Arawashi is driven straight back to the edge of the ring by Tokushoryu, where he plants his left foot and tries a desperate armlock throw (kotenage). But Tokushoryu leans into Arawashi’s body, using his left arm in a counter beltless arm throw (sukuinage), and the two men head for the dirt at nearly the same time. Tokushoryu tucks his right arm up close to his chest while Arawashi reaches for the ground to break his fall, and only one of these is the correct decision. Arawashi touches first, giving Tokushoryu his second win of the tournament. Arawashi falls to 0-3.

May 2017, Day 1, Arawashi v Ura

Ura looks to build on his 8-7 record from last tournament, but the competition gets tougher the higher up in the ranks you go. Arawashi manages to get a left-handed overarm grip on Ura’s belt, but Ura’s feet don’t stop moving and he charges forward with his head in Arawashi’s chest. Arawashi can’t do anything with the belt and quickly finds himself out of the ring.