January 2018, Day 14, Chiyoshoma v Asanoyama

Asanoyama breathes a big sigh of relief, picking up his eighth win after a streak of losses. Chiyoshoma, after picking up his eighth loss, has to pick himself up off the floor below the dohyo.


January 2018, Day 7, Chiyoshoma v Shohozan

Chiyoshoma wallops Shohozan a couple of times in the face with his right hand, but it only serves to piss off Shohozan. Shohozan’s head is well-attached to his thick shoulders, and he focuses his attack on Chiyoshoma’s torso. Getting both hands on Chiyoshoma’s chest proves to be the winning move, and Shohozan shoves him out for an excellent 6-1 record.

January 2018, Day 5, Chiyoshoma v Kaisei

Weird, floaty tachiai by Chiyoshoma today, putting himself at an immediate disadvantage against Kaisei. But he recovers well, getting both arms underneath on Kaisei’s belt and torquing the big man’s torso down to the clay. Shitatenage (underarm throw) for the Chiyoshoma’s fourth win in five days.

January 2018, Day 3, Chiyoshoma v Endo

Chiyoshoma also pays homage to the recently-retired Harumafuji with a slick move at the tachiai against Endo. That’s not a disparaging comment, either – there are those who deem this kind of quick sideways maneuver on the way to a deep belt grip a form of henka, but I don’t see it that way. You have to be fast and strong to pull this off, and Chiyoshoma makes Endo look like an amateur, rolling him on the dirt like a shrimp through panko. (Too much?)

January 2018, Day 2, Takarafuji v Chiyoshoma

It’s a battle of balance at the edge, with Takarafuji working on a kotenage (armlock throw) and Chiyoshoma using that locked-up arm for a sukuinage (beltless arm throw). Takarafuji gets his hips shifted in the right spot to boost Chiyoshoma over his left thigh, but Chiyoshoma gets the last little hop necessary to catch himself with his left foot. Takarafuji has twisted and committed, so Chiyoshoma has the advantage and drops him. Sukuinage for the win.