March 2018, Day 14, Chiyonokuni v Daieisho

Daieisho does not like the anatomical fact that Chiyonokuni’s head is directly connected to his body, and expends great effort to alter that physical arrangement. Chiyonokuni, being rather fond of the current setup, resists a bit. This resistance lets Daieisho fling Chiyonokuni down to his eighth loss, a result that is disappointing for Chiyonokuni and acceptable for Daieisho, if less than satisfying than the whole head-removal scenario.


March 2018, Day 12, Asanoyama v Daieisho

I count four times that Daieisho gets a hand on Asanoyama’s throat. And he’s not wailing away, he’s placing his hand carefully and pushing hard. The fourth time his right hand gets up under Asanoyama’s chin, lifting his head back, and as a general rule, where your head goes your body tends to follow. Asanoyama’s body follows his head backwards, and Daieisho wins by oshitaoshi (front push down). Both wrestlers are one win away from their kachi-koshi at 7-5.

March 2018, Day 7, Daieisho v Hokutofuji

Strong tachiai from both men in their first-ever meeting, with Daieisho coming out on top after a series of sharp tsuppari thrusts to Hokutofuji’s head. A perfectly-timed pull takes advantage of Hokutofuji’s counter-charge and sets up the finishing move, where Daieisho grabs Hokutofuji by the face and throws him off the dohyo. Oshitaoshi (front push down) is too bland a name for this technique, so I propose a new one: kaotsukamitaoshi (顔掴み倒し, face-grabbing push down).

March 2018, Day 5, Daieisho v Yoshikaze

Yoshikaze’s not finding much luck with his new bright purple mawashi, falling to 2-3 against a fierce Daieisho. Things look good for Yoshikaze for the first 95% of the bout, as he survives the initial mutual bludgeoning and appears to set himself up for the watashikomi (thigh-grabbing push down), but Daieisho hangs on just long enough for Yoshikaze to touch the ground first. Daieisho wins for the third time in five days.

March 2018, Day 3, Okinoumi v Daieisho

Daiseisho gets caught leaning too far forward, invested too heavily in his grasp on Okinoumi’s throat. Okinoumi twists nimbly while grabbing onto Daieisho’s outstretched arm, dropping him with a shove to the upper arm.

January 2018, Day 15, Chiyotairyu v Daieisho

7-7 Chiyotairyu is extra-motivated to pick up the all-important eighth win, and he takes it out on Daieisho’s face. Daieisho finishes with a fine 9-6 record.

January 2018, Day 9, Ishiura v Daieisho

Children, avert your eyes! After diving low at the tachiai and successfully getting the left-hand-under/right-hand-over belt grip, Ishiura accidentally loosens Daieisho’s mawashi with the deep left hand that lands right on the knot. The gyoji is on it, though, and jumps in to halt the action as soon as he notices. The two wrestlers freeze in position, and the camera swings to the side in case of an inadvertent exposure, I guess, while the gyoji puts his fan cord between his teeth and reties Daieisho’s belt. And while he’s at it he goes ahead and tightens Ishiura’s belt, too. Better safe than sorry. With a slap to their backs the gyoji restarts the action, and both men instantly try to gain a quick advantage, Daieisho pulling mightily at Ishiura’s left arm but unable to dislodge that tight grip. Ishiura starts to pull on Daieisho’s torso counter-clockwise, and he rotates the larger man with a crash to the clay. Really pretty shitatehineri (twisting underarm throw) for his fifth win, knocking Daieisho out of the one-loss club down to 7-2.