January 2018, Day 15, Chiyotairyu v Daieisho

7-7 Chiyotairyu is extra-motivated to pick up the all-important eighth win, and he takes it out on Daieisho’s face. Daieisho finishes with a fine 9-6 record.


January 2018, Day 9, Ishiura v Daieisho

Children, avert your eyes! After diving low at the tachiai and successfully getting the left-hand-under/right-hand-over belt grip, Ishiura accidentally loosens Daieisho’s mawashi with the deep left hand that lands right on the knot. The gyoji is on it, though, and jumps in to halt the action as soon as he notices. The two wrestlers freeze in position, and the camera swings to the side in case of an inadvertent exposure, I guess, while the gyoji puts his fan cord between his teeth and reties Daieisho’s belt. And while he’s at it he goes ahead and tightens Ishiura’s belt, too. Better safe than sorry. With a slap to their backs the gyoji restarts the action, and both men instantly try to gain a quick advantage, Daieisho pulling mightily at Ishiura’s left arm but unable to dislodge that tight grip. Ishiura starts to pull on Daieisho’s torso counter-clockwise, and he rotates the larger man with a crash to the clay. Really pretty shitatehineri (twisting underarm throw) for his fifth win, knocking Daieisho out of the one-loss club down to 7-2.

January 2018, Day 7, Asanoyama v Daieisho

Asanoyama falls off the leaderboard, dropping his first loss of the tournament to M13 Daieisho, his highest-ranked opponent so far. He gets stood up at the tachiai and can’t recover, with Daieisho keeping his right hand under Asanoyama’s armpit to keep him upright. The man with the lower position usually wins in grappling, and today that’s Daieisho. He has quietly amassed an excellent record of 6-1.

January 2018, Day 1, Abi v Daieisho

Abi joins Ryuden as a top division first-timer, but Abi only took four-and-half years to Ryuden’s twelve. Abi falls short on his first-day performance, however, overreaching with his strong tsuppari pushing attack and letting Daieisho bait him into a trap at the edge of the ring.

November 2017, Day 4, Asanoyama v Daieisho

Tough battle for Asanoyama, taking the brunt of a huge tachiai by Daieisho and surviving for a moment in the center of the ring until Daieisho swings his left arm underneath and gets control of Asanoyama’s torso. Asanoyama’s posture is too upright to fight back, and Daieisho moves quickly to topple his taller opponent, slinging him out of the ring by yoritaoshi (front crush out).