May 2017, Day 13, Mitakeumi v Endo

Mitakeumi hits Endo at the tachiai with a focus on Endo’s left arm, which he uses to maneuver Endo around and push him to the edge of the ring. But Endo finds the tawara with his right foot and pushes back, working steadily forward until Mitakeumi pulls down on his head, and then you’ll never guess what happens: Endo doesn’t move his feet forward, falling down in slow motion. Oh, wait, you probably actually guessed that without any trouble because ENDO DOESN’T EVER MOVE HIS DANG FEET. Endo falls to a losing record of 5-8, while Mitakeumi has a good shot at a winning record, heading into the last two days with a record of 7-6.

May 2017, Day 13, Hokutofuji v Onosho

Hokutofuji and Onosho smash together at the tachiai, Hokutofuji getting both hands underneath and Onosho backpedaling until his heels hit the tawara, where he tries to pull Hokutofuji down and past him. But both men go crashing to the floor, and even Ura seated ringside perks up to see who won, unable to maintain the usual stoic indifferent composure of wrestlers waiting their turn. The judges want to talk it over, and they determine that the two hit the ground at the same time, and call for a rematch. The do-over goes better for Onosho this time, as he slaps down Hokutofuji who is unable to keep from falling down. Onosho has an excellent record of 9-4 in his first top-division tournament. Hokutofuji falls to 8-5.

May 2017, Day 5, Hokutofuji v Takakeisho

Takakeisho looks great on Day 5 against Hokutofuji, standing up to his opponent’s fierce attack with solid hips and good lateral movement. He sets up Hokutofuji for the fall,  using a great matador move after some hard shoving to force Hokutofuji to push back. At 4-1 after five days, this is Takakeisho’s best start to a top-division tournament. Hokutofuji falls to 3-2.

May 2017, Day 2, Chiyonokuni v Kakuryu

Chiyonokuni earns his first-ever kinboshi (gold star) victory over a Yokozuna today against Kakuryu. Kakuryu hits hard at the tachiai, but Chiyonokuni yanks down immediately and the Yokozuna has overcommitted. Kakuryu sits for a moment in disbelief at his 0-2 start to the tournament, while Chiyonokuni respectfully celebrates in the proper restrained style of a very slightly elevated chin.

March 2017, Day 7, Yoshikaze v Chiyonokuni

Yoshikaze has Chiyonokuni headed towards the edge of the dohyo with a good exchange of hand fighting until Chiyonokuni grabs him by the face with both hands and yanks hard. With his left leg on the straw bales and his right leg elevated out of the way, Chiyonokuni watches as Yoshikaze sails past and tumbles hard to the ground below.

March 2017, Day 6, Harumafuji v Yoshikaze

You know Yoshikaze’s always going to put on a show, and he has Yokozuna Harumafuji in danger twice – once with a tricky overarm belt throw and once when Harumafuji slips. But the instant Yoshikaze charges forward to take advantage of the stumbling Yokozuna, his own feet betray him and he slips disappointingly to the ground.