September 2017, Day 14, Tochinoshin v Ishiura

A whirlwind of a bout! Tochinoshin survives Ishiura’s quasi-henka at the tachiai despite being on only one good leg, and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Tochinoshin reaches over Ishiura’s back with his left arm for a belt grip, but his arm is on the left side of Ishiura’s head, giving Ishiura a low position on the side and access to a deep right-handed belt grip. Then the fun begins. The two pinwheel wildly across the ring, each trying to throw the other, and when they reach the edge Tochinoshin slings Ishiura past him and out. The winning technique is the exceedingly rare harimanage (backward belt throw), a move which is seen only .02% of the time across all wrestlers.


September 2017, Day 12, Ishiura v Daishomaru

Whew. Ishiura ends a seven-day losing streak, his longest since entering the top Makuuchi division. Staying true to his style, he ducks low at the tachiai and quickly gets both hands on Daishomaru’s belt. Then he puts his head in Daishomaru’s chest and turns on the jets, charging across the dohyo with surprising speed. Ishiura earns his third win, and Chiyomaru sits at 7-5.

September 2017, Day 10, Ishiura v Takarafuji

Favorite bout of the tournament so far. Ishiura ends up behind Takarafuji and a wild scramble ensues, with Takarafuji trying to spin around and get the little guy back in front of him and Ishiura trying to hold onto any part of Takarafuji’s belt to stay behind him. After a few rotations Takarafuji finally catches Ishiura, and throws him out of the ring by his face. Takarafuji improves to 7-3, while Ishiura earns his makekoshi (losing record) and demotion next tournament.

September 2017, Day 1, Ishiura v Arawashi

Ishiura borrows a tactic from Yokozuna Harumafuji, meeting Arawashi head-on while skootching his hips around to the side. This lets him get a hand on the back of Arawashi’s belt, ushering his opponent easily out the other side of the ring.