March 2018, Day 15, Kagayaki v Ishiura

Sometimes a 7-7 record sparks a great performance, sometimes it’s not enough to overcome a 90-pound weight difference. Ishiura admirably dives into the belly (literally) of the beast, but Kagayaki handles the smaller wrestler nicely, keeping Ishiura in front of him and working quickly towards the edge. Ishiura misses the tawara with his foot and slides out of the ring. Both wrestlers finish the tournament at 7-8.


March 2018, Day 14, Ishiura v Ikioi

Ikioi must really want that post-bout beer. He improves to 11-3. Ishiura at 7-7 will need a win tomorrow to avoid demotion.

March 2018, Day 11, Tochiozan v Ishiura

Henka! Unlike Goeido’s henka yesterday, this one from Ishiura is not a surprise. He slaps down hard on Tochiozan’s arms and sends him flying past. Ishiura turns the corner and covers the distance to the other side of the dohyo in a flash, slamming into Tochiozan and pushing him out. It’s arguable whether or not this is a “bad” henka, but either way Tochiozan should have been more prepared.

March 2018, Day 9, Ishiura v Nishikigi

After a fluffy tachiai (no real charge, no real avoidance either), Ishiura gets a deep, deep underarm belt grip with his left hand and complements it with a right-handed grip on the front of Nishikigi’s belt. Nishikigi is content to wrap up Ishiura’s arm and squeeze for all he’s worth. Ishiura goes for the underarm throw but can’t turn Nishikigi’s body over, leaving Nishikigi with a slightly higher position and good leverage on Ishiura’s arm. Both men go down, but Ishiura’s top knot touches the dirt first, giving the win by kotenage (arm lock throw) to Nishikigi.

March 2018, Day 8, Ishiura v Hidenoumi

Ishiura meets his opponent head-on for a change, and is rewarded with a left-handed overarm grip low on the front of Hidenoumi’s belt. Hidenoumi, meanwhile, is preoccupied with Ishiura’s right arm on his chest, which is keeping him from squaring up and applying his weight against the smaller wrestler. Ishiura then cinches up with his left arm, drawing Hidenoumi in and getting Hidenoumi’s body moving. Once that momentum has started, Ishiura circles away while pulling on the belt, his right hand on the back of Hidenoumi’s head to keep him low and stumbling. The throw is set up so well, Hidenoumi hits the ground while Ishiura smoothly walks away. Winning technique is uwatedashinage (pulling overarm throw).

March 2018, Day 7, Ishiura v Ryuden

Ishiura needs to stay low against the taller Ryuden, but Ryuden uses his long arms to capitalize on Ishiura’s posture by reaching over his back for the belt and pulling Ishiura to the ground. Winning technique is uwatedashinage (pulling overarm throw).

March 2018, Day 6, Chiyoshoma v Ishiura

Ishiura spends most of this bout trying to solve the puzzle of Chiyoshoma’s long arms. Chiyoshoma does a great job at first, landing his strikes on Ishiura’s shoulders to keep him at bay, but Ishiura slips underneath a head strike and finally gets solid left-handed underarm grip. Chiyoshoma can’t reach Ishiura’s belt, so he tries defending against Ishiura’s arms, but Ishiura eventually gets the right arm grip he needs to totally control Chiyoshoma’s body. From there it’s academic and Ishiura gets the yorikiri (front force out) win to pull even at 3-3.