May 2017, Day 15, Takekaze v Ishiura

Ishiura can sleep well tonight, having earned his all-important eighth win on the final day of the tournament. Takekaze grabs Ishiura by the face to try and stop his forward charge, but Ishiura cannot be denied. Takekaze finishes with a disappointing 4-11 record.

May 2017, Day 14, Ishiura v Takarafuji

Ishiura’s hopes of a winning record and promotion stay alive, and he’ll move into the last day with a record of 7-7. Fighting off the larger Takarafuji at the edge of the ring, Ishiura gets a left hand around to the back of Takarafuji’s belt, swinging sideways and turning that circular momentum into a smooth underarm throw. Ishiura plants his feet in a wide stance, and you can watch the power flow through his hips all the way to his arm as he tosses Takarafuji down to his eleventh loss.

May 2017, Day 12, Ishiura v Ikioi

Both Ishiura and Ura, two of the smaller wrestlers in the top division, have been using katasukashi (under-shoulder swing down) to good effect against taller opponents, pulling them down and forward which either results in the opponent falling down or being off-balance. Ishiura gets really good leverage on Ikioi today, and Ikioi ends up rollingĀ  across the dohyo. Ikioi already has his winning record of 8-4, and Ishiura pulls even at 6-6.

May 2017, Day 11, Onosho v Ishiura

Onosho, in his first top-division tournament, gets one win closer to a promotion up the ranks with a solid victory over Ishiura. A good tachiai pushes Ishiura back, and some stiff thrusts to the face keep Ishiura from getting low and attacking the belt. Onosho follows the face-pummeling with a sharp downward slap that sends Ishiura to his sixth loss. Onosho improves to 7-4.

May 2017, Day 10, Yutakayama v Ishiura

Ishiura spends much of this protracted battle trapped in a headlock by Yutakayama. Yutakayama keeps his left arm wrapped around Ishiura’s head, preventing Ishiura from utilizing the death grip he’s got with his own left hand on Yutakayama’s belt. Leaning on Ishiura’s back, Yutakayama forces a stalemate with a good right-side armlock that makes it hard for Ishiura to contract his left arm and move his big opponent. Finally taking the initiative, Yutakayama powers forward, and Ishiura slides back before setting his feet and somehow twisting Yutakayama around, reversing the position. But Yutakayama keeps the momentum going in his favor and cranks with that armlock, slinging Ishiura off the dohyo like he’s tossing out the bath water. Winning technique is kotenage (armlock throw). Ishiura falls to 5-5, Yutakayama sits at 2-8.

May 2017, Day 9, Daishomaru v Ishiura

Daishomaru falls right into Ishiura’s trap, stumbling forward while Ishiura grabs onto his right arm and shoulder to pull him down by katasukashi (under shoulder swing down).

May 2017, Day 8, Kaisei v Ishiura

Ishiura gives up 185 pounds to Kaisei. That’s the size of a large human being, just in the negative space between them. So I guess it’s no surprise that Ishiura, trying to fight back from the edge of the ring, bounces off Kaisei like a ping pong ball. Kaisei holds his ground and gets a two-handed shove on Ishiura’s hips, sending him spinning out of the ring to his fourth loss. Kaisei improves to 5-3.