May 2017, Day 10, Kagayaki v Ikioi

Ikioi would love to head back up to the sanyaku ranks of Komusubi and Sekiwake, so putting together a solid tournament at his current rank of M6 will help his cause. He takes care of Kagayaki with no trouble today, slapping down his opponent by hatakikomi and catching his heels on the tawara just in time for Kagayaki to eat dirt. Ikioi improves to 7-3, Kagayaki falls to 6-4.

May 2017, Day 2, Ura v Kagayaki

Ura displays his patented brand of footwork and adaptability against long-legged Kagayaki, fighting the perfect fight against someone with a much higher center of gravity. Going low at the tachiai and fighting off Kagayaki’s arms, Ura waits for an opening to charge forward. Kagayaki almost tosses Ura with a left-side arm bar throw, but Ura finds the toku-dawara with his left foot just in time to stop his sideways momentum. Reversing direction, Ura wraps up Kagayaki’s left shoulder in what looks to be a katasukashi (under-shoulder swing down) attempt, but instead of pulling down he pushes up, slipping underneath Kagayaki’s arm and ending up in perfect position to shove out the taller wrestler from the side.

March 2017, Day 13, Kagayaki v Tochinoshin

Tochinoshin’s lower body is weak from injury, so he doesn’t have a lot of power moving forward. But he compensates nicely with decent lateral movement, which is enough to defeat an opponent like Kagayaki. Tochinoshin plays matador at the edge, using good ring sense to keep his feet in while Kagayaki spirals off the dohyo to the floor below. Tochinoshin falls hard too, but sacrificing the body gets him the win. Kagayaki loses for the eighth time, while Tochinoshin is still alive at 6-7.

March 2017, Day 6, Kagayaki v Daieisho

Tsuppari masterclass by Daieisho, who holds his ground at the tachiai and then turns on the jets with a sharp series of perfectly placed thrusts to the upper body of Kagayaki.

March 2017, Day 5, Kagayaki v Ura

Rough day for the little guys. Ura, as expected, goes low at the tachiai. But Kagayaki uses his reach advantage to keep Ura at bay, and Ura soon goes tumbling out of the ring.

January 2017, Day 4, Kagayaki v Ishiura

Ishiura gets his first win of the new year on Day 4 against an opponent he’s beaten every time they meet. Kagayaki tries to overpower the smaller wrestler, but he’s got no answer for Ishiura’s vertical level changes and horizontal mobility. Also, Ishiura looks small compared to the other wrestlers, but the dude is jacked up. Check out his shoulders!!!

January 2017, Day 2, Takanoiwa v Kagayaki

Takanoiwa emerges victorious from this brawl, spending the first half of the match trying to figure out how to nullify Kagayaki’s attack. A brief attempt to pull down on Kagayaki’s head leads nowhere, and Takanoiwa wisely abandons it. When Takanoiwa’s right foot hits the tawara, he pushes off and regains position in the center of the ring, while a right hand to Kagayaki’s face sends the golden-mawashi-clad wrestler backwards and off-balance. Nice little bit of intimidation there at the end, the half-step forward as if to say, “You best check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.”