March 2018, Day 15, Kagayaki v Ishiura

Sometimes a 7-7 record sparks a great performance, sometimes it’s not enough to overcome a 90-pound weight difference. Ishiura admirably dives into the belly (literally) of the beast, but Kagayaki handles the smaller wrestler nicely, keeping Ishiura in front of him and working quickly towards the edge. Ishiura misses the tawara with his foot and slides out of the ring. Both wrestlers finish the tournament at 7-8.


March 2018, Day 12, Kagayaki v Nishikigi

Note: It is always an option to grab your opponent by the face and throw them into the ground.

March 2018, Day 7, Kaisei v Kagayaki

This is just a reminder that Kaisei has been quietly amassing a perfect record this tournament without much effort. Today he wins basically because Kagayaki misses a foothold on the straw at the edge of the ring and steps out, but 7-0 is nothing to scoff at no matter how you get there. He’s got another mid-ranked bout tomorrow against Okinoumi, but the second half of the tournament will see him tested against some tougher competition.

January 2018, Day 7, Ishiura v Kagayaki

How frustrating it must be for Kagayaki to see a tiny opponent in front of him and not be able to put him away. Kagayaki is 6’4″ tall, and Ishiura’s only 5’8″, but Ishiura does a phenomenal job staying alive at the edge of the ring until he finds the perfect time to slam his left arm into Kagayaki’s side and knock him down.

November 2017, Day 2, Aminishiki v Kagayaki

Hatakikomi (slap down) is a technique usually employed as a last-gasp effort by a backpedaling wrestler to take advantage of an over-eager attack by the opponent. But Aminishiki uses it as offense, smashing face-first into Kagayaki at the tachiai, grabbing the back of his neck and yanking down with bad intent. A little flourish at the edge of the ring to make sure Kagayaki is down first, and Aminishiki cruises to his second win.

September 2017, Day 15, Tokushoryu v Kagayaki

Man, we’re getting treated to a plethora of great throws on the last day of the tournament! Both Tokushoryu (3-11) and Kagayaki (4-10) have terrible records, but that doesn’t stop them from giving it the gusto. Kagayaki seems to get the upper hand at the tachiai, steadily driving Tokushoryu back towards the edge of the ring. But Tokushoryu’s heels hit the straw bales and he digs deep to fight back. Turning to his right, he puts his left leg against Kagayaki’s inner thigh and lifts, breaking Kagayaki’s balance. Holding onto Kagayaki’s left arm with his right, and using a good underhook on the other side, Tokushoryu continues to press with his leg until Kagayaki goes completely over. Kakenage (hooking inner thigh throw) for the impressive win. Both wrestlers finish the tournament at 4-11, with Tokushoryu likely falling to Juryo from the M14 slot, and Kagayaki having enough buffer at M8 to end up at the bottom of the top division.