January 2018, Day 14, Ryuden v Kaisei

Ryuden gets double-digit wins, no small feat for someone in their first top-division tournament. His grip strength proves to be one of his most powerful weapons, as he grabs a hold of Kaisei’s mawashi by the knot and controls the match from there. Things only get worse for Kaisei when Ryuden slips his left arm even farther around the back and tightens his grip on the belt proper. Kaisei’s grasp on one thin layer of Ryuden’s mawashi isn’t enough to reverse the throw at the edge, and Ryuden wins by shitatenage (underarm throw).


January 2018, Day 13, Abi v Kaisei

Abi catches Kaisei off guard with a sudden move to the belt, when Kaisei is expecting Abi to continue his full-throttle flailing at his head. This lets Abi get behind him, and usher him out for a most excellent ninth win.

January 2018, Day 10, Takarafuji v Kaisei

Takarafuji emerges from the tachiai with the advantage, securing a left-handed underarm belt grip that keeps Kaisei’s right arm elevated, and clamping down nicely on Kaisei’s left arm, preventing Kaisei from getting his own underarm grip on that side. Both men reach out for the right-handed overarm grip at the same time, breaking the stalemate, and Takarafuji loses his underarm grip. But he works his way around to a nearly identical grappling position, this time with the overarm grip on the right side and a left arm high underneath Kaisei’s armpit. When he uses the overarm grip to try and muscle out Kaisei, Kaisei strains to defend at the edge of the ring, and Hokutofuji feels him leaning. So Hokutofuji lets go of the overarm grip and commits to the left-side sukuinage (beltless arm throw), rolling Kaisei to his fourth loss. Hokutofuji improves to 7-3.

January 2018, Day 5, Chiyoshoma v Kaisei

Weird, floaty tachiai by Chiyoshoma today, putting himself at an immediate disadvantage against Kaisei. But he recovers well, getting both arms underneath on Kaisei’s belt and torquing the big man’s torso down to the clay. Shitatenage (underarm throw) for the Chiyoshoma’s fourth win in five days.

January 2018, Day 1, Shohozan v Kaisei

Shohozan slams face-first into the Brazilian mountain, getting both arms underneath and seemingly in a good position. But Kaisei clamps down with both arms, torquing his huge upper body and crumpling Shohozan with the kotenage (armlock throw).