January 2018, Day 15, Yoshikaze v Ikioi

Ikioi drops Yoshikaze with a nice kotenage (arm lock throw) on the last day. Both men finish the tournament a disappointing 4-11, and will meet again next tournament down in the lower end of the top division.


January 2018, Day 11, Goeido v Arawashi

Oh, Goeido, maybe someday you’ll grow up to be a real Ozeki. Gone is the stable footing and good posture of the first half of the tournament, and now you’ve fallen back into the bad habit of either letting your opponent get inside or leaning too far forward on the attack. Or both, one often leads to the other. Arawashi got you today with nice kotenage (arm lock throw) while going backwards, but it didn’t have to be that way. Both men finish at 6-5.

January 2018, Day 9, Ichinojo v Onosho

Ichinojo once again shows us his power, which seems to come out of some hidden place deep behind his baby face with no warning. Just a small shift of his hips and he applies all his bulk to the arm lock on Onosho’s left arm, sending Onosho crashing off the dohyo. A crushing kotenage (arm lock throw). Ichinojo finishes the day at 5-4, and Onosho falls to 4-5.

January 2018, Day 7, Kotoshogiku v Onosho

Kotoshogiku digs deep to hang on at the edge, determination showing on his face as he crushes Onosho to the clay with a kotenage (armlock) throw. Less of a throw, more of a slow squishing, but it works fine. Kotoshogiku and Onosho both finish the day at 3-4.

January 2018, Day 1, Yoshikaze v Takayasu

Ozeki Takayasu comes out firing on all cylinders against a tough opponent in Yoshikaze. He works on Yoshikaze’s left arm the entire bout, losing the grip midway through before regaining it and ending things with the kotenage (armlock throw). Solid sumo from the Ozeki.

January 2018, Day 1, Shohozan v Kaisei

Shohozan slams face-first into the Brazilian mountain, getting both arms underneath and seemingly in a good position. But Kaisei clamps down with both arms, torquing his huge upper body and crumpling Shohozan with the kotenage (armlock throw).

November 2017, Day 6, Endo v Okinoumi

Good persistence by Okinoumi today against Endo. He grabs onto Endo’s left arm, mostly to defend against Endo’s underarm grip, but also threatening a kotenage (armlock throw). When Endo switches to the right-handed overarm grip, Okinoumi loses his hold on Endo’s left arm for a moment, but clamps down again when Endo regains the underarm grip on that side. Now at the ring’s edge, Okinoumi sets his hips and cranks hard on Endo’s upper arm, twisting him into the clay. Endo falls to 3-3, while Okinoumi has quietly amassed five wins against only one loss.