September 2017, Day 5, Endo v Kotoyuki

This bout wins the Prettiest Mawashi Matchup Award for the tournament so far, with Endo in golden yellow and Kotoyuki in gentle lavender. But Kotoyuki’s belt belies the ferocity of his sumo. He stands up Endo at the tachiai before pulling back and letting Endo stumble forward. With Endo off-balance, Kotoyuki charges forward with a few sharp thrusts to end it quickly. Here’s hoping Kotoyuki gets enough wins to see a promotion back up to the top division next tournament.


May 2017, Day 11, Kotoyuki v Ikioi

Kotoyuki leans in hard at the tachiai and hits Ikioi with a stiff hand to the throat. But Ikioi deflects Kotoyuki’s arms sideways, and follows with a quick charge before Kotoyuki can recover. Ikioi’s pumped at earning his eighth win, while Kotoyuki falls to 4-7.

May 2017, Day 5, Kotoyuki v Ura

Kotoyuki solves the Ura puzzle of the day, standing up at the tachiai instead of his usual hard charge forward to better react to whatever Ura’s got planned. A couple of hands in Ura’s face keep him from going too low, and then a good solid shove to the chest sends Ura down to the ground below the dohyo. Both wrestlers finish the day at 3-2.

May 2017, Day 2, Kotoyuki v Ishiura

Ishiura makes a huge mistake at the tachiai, opting to try and hit Kotoyuki at shoulder height instead of going low. Kotoyuki says thankyouverymuch and lifts up on Ishiura’s arms, using his bulk expeditiously to send Ishiura backpedaling. Ishiura tries in vain to grab onto Kotoyuki’s left arm, but it’s too late, and both men go over the tawara with Ishiura exiting first.