November 2017, Day 13, Myogiryu v Daieisho


November 2017, Day 4, Myogiryu v Aminishiki

Myogiryu does his best Superman impression, going totally horizontal and airborne trying to push out veteran Aminishiki. But Aminishiki is wily and has a mawashi full of Kryptonite, and Myogiryu crashes down to earth with a thud. Ami-chan sits pretty at 4-0.


November 2017, Day 3, Kotoyuki v Myogiryu

Kotoyuki picks up his first win of the tournament by barely edging out Myogiryu. It’s a good back-and-forth battle of stiff-armed throat attacks until Myogiryu starts to retreat under the pressure. Circling away from the charging Kotoyuki, Myogiryu stops at the edge for a last-gasp deflection, but his ankle catches on the tawara and he hits the ground a split-second before Kotoyuki. Myogiryu drops to his first loss.

May 2017, Day 12, Shohozan v Myogiryu

Haven’t seen much from Shohozan this tournament, he’s already got a makekoshi record of 4-8. But he shows flashes of his former potential today, wrapping up Myogiryu by the waist and holding onto the wriggling rikishi for dear life. Myogiryu whiffs with the inside leg sweep and finds himself on the wrong side of the tawara. At 4-9 from the M15 rank, Myogiryu risks falling down to the Juryo division next tournament.

May 2017, Day 9, Tochinoshin v Myogiryu

Tochinoshin keeps his right arm tucked in at the tachiai, and uses it to get an underhook on Myogiryu’s left arm. This prevents the shorter wrestler from getting too low, and goes a long way to setting up the win for the much taller Tochinoshin. After a few tries, Tochinoshin gets the left-handed overarm grip to add to the right-hand under, and now he’s got total control over Myogiryu’s hips. Myogiryu tries to fight back, but he can’t prevent Tochinoshin from dropping him with the overarm throw.

May 2017, Day 8, Myogiryu v Chiyomaru

Chiyomaru, up from the Juryo division for the day, takes care of Myogiryu with repeated attacks to the throat. Myogiryu tries to slap his hands away, but each time Chiyomaru advances a little farther forward, finally wrapping up Myogiryu at the edge and taking him out. Chiyomaru’s Juryo record is 4-4, while Myogiryu falls to 3-5.

May 2017, Day 6, Myogiryu v Ishiura

The youngun’s feeling his oats. Myogiryu pushes down hard on Ishiura’s head with both hands, but Ishiura stretches out to launch Myogiryu off the dohyo. Ishiura gets his fourth win, Myogiryu gets his fourth loss.